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Down and Dirty in Downtown Nairobi

I woke up at some point on Sunday evening with an pounding headache. As I crawled from my bed to the bathroom, I stumbled across something warm and furry that emitted a squeek. “What the devil is that?” I wondered to myself. As I reached the wall to switch on my eco-lightbulb (wish I hadn’t let my girlfriend


Ster City: South African History Like Never Seen Before

An amazingly multilingual, multimedia theatre show that relates the history of South Africa from the Homo Sapiens to the post Mandela political period as shown by just two actors, a drummer, videos and illustrations.


Magic Mike in the 254: A Look Into The Lives of Kenyan Male Strippers

Everything you always wanted to know about the art of male stripping in Nairobi


Future Fridays: The Festival and The Dance Party

Check out the epic parties you can look forward to this weekend.


Hip Hop Is Alive

Moi Avenue is released to wild applause and shouts for more, YLM jams with DJ Raph, K’shaka takes the roof top and revitalise the hearts of hip hop lovers; Jangwa City takes Nairobi by storm.


Ololosokuan Is… Visual Poetry

Catch ololosekuan tonight at the Goethe Institut for some poetry, some dancing, some visual artistry and a wonderful story.


A Hunt For Vinyl Down River-Road

Looking around, I see a heap of different albums in the corner, exactly the kind I was looking to buy. “How much do those LPs by the desk cost?” I ask, excitedly. “They’re not for sale” the man with Swahili-toned skin sitting at the back of the shop curtly informs me. It had started like


The Afrohemien Nomad: To Instagram and Beyond

You probably already follow her on instagram but did you know she was picked out from millions of other users to be featured on Instagrams Blog? Meet Sarah Waiswa The Afrohemien Nomad


Kaya: The New Party In Town

Forget about those ratchet parties you’ve been going to. Its time to KAYA


Poetry is a Thing

Unchained Voices with Mufasa and Teardrops sold out this past Sunday at Alliance Francaise (October 12th.)


Santuri Safari: Pop Up Studio At Sondeka Festival

Ever wanted to see the process of music creation? Well, this is your chance to not only see but to take part. Santuri Safari pop up studio at Sondeka Festival!


Join Nairobi Noir

You can finally be a part of Nairobi Noir and here’s how.


The US Gets Ebola

As the Ebola virus conquers new frontiers with a new case reported in the US and a Kenyan scare at JKIA, UP curates the related commentary.


Do Strip Clubs Have Any Saving Graces

Kenyan society is always at loggerheads when morality comes into question. We have two feminists Olivia Kidula and Awuor Onyango face off in our Op Eds this month and debate on whether Strip Clubs have any saving graces.


Future Fridays

Its Friday again and here’s UP’s best picks of the Weekend


Colour Their World As They Beat Cancer

Your weekend doesnt just have to be about parties and drinks. Do something great for a kid with cancer.


Downtown Baby!

When you’re alone and life is making you lonely
You can always go – downtown.

Here’s what to expect in our October Issue


Dear Mr. President: Travel At Night

Nairobi CBD motorists were yesterday (Thursday) angry and frustrated at the traffic situation in the city fromThursday morning into the afternoon as President Uhuru Kenyatta’s convoy snaked through the city to celebrate his return from the Hague.


Style Up Your Eyes In Nairobi

Where to get designer frames in Nairobi’s CBD


Throwback Thursday: Sarabi

What is most intersting is how their hair grew. :-)

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