Kenya National Library To Open Night-Club


We just received stunning news from the World’s Loudest Library. WLL  has been chosen to run the first ever nightclub attached to the Kenya National Library. WLL is the rowdiest most informative forum for drinkers who love to read, reminiescent of Carnival in Brasil (only with less thongs and more Ngugi Wa Thiongo). An ambitious expansion project announced by Nairobi governor Evans Kidero and Education PS Professor Kaimenyi has seen the library expand and grow from a tired old building in one of the city’s financial districts to a complex only rivalled by the behemoths at Kenyatta University and USIU.

“Its good to see young people and Kenyans in general focus more on reading and expanding their minds while drinking rather than paying attention to baseless corruption accusations and going to Masaku 7s,”  Nairobi governor Evans Kidero.

The new library sporting 8 floors of ancient texts, new publications, colonial documents and encyclopedias (including a very interesting one documenting African sexual practices) is located in Athi River, just past Daystar University. Students from there have been using the library’s services for close to a month now ahead of  its official opening in June. Aside from the myriad technology spread throughout the building, for instance I-pads for archive reading, segways to navigate the expansive shelves and a wi-fi network to rival The Michael Joseph Center (it actually doesn’t have Wi-Fi or good network coverage, go figure),  the library has opened its doors to literary types who love to indulge in alcohol in a rather different way.

What we wanted to do is give writers and readers who enjoy their drink a place where they can let loose scream cuss words at each other and later discuss Tolstoy and Achebe – Peter Nduru Senior Librarian.

For years Kenya’s libraries have been largely ignored by the populace for being stuffy colonial-era buildings that ooze boredom. With the addition of the WLL Nightclub, Kenyans will now be exposed to a more expansive world of books and booze. Creative’s Garage, the former venue of WLL, has veered away from supporting the arts and culture society and turned into a high-end vehicle maintenace and repair workshop; a bold move that we at UP obviously do not support. Now library goers can enjoy their Konyagi and Tonic cocktails while surrounded by the literary works of Hunter S. Thompson and Dr. Seuss, among others.

When we spoke to Ray Mwihaki one of the founders of WLL, this is what she had this to say about their new nightclub:

It’s difficult to imagine that a respected and valued magazine such as UP and some of its readers has fallen for such a poorly constructed April Fools joke. A Kenya National Library nightclub? I mean, come on!

We at UP can’t wait to wander the halls of this now finally prestigious institution- drunk out of our minds- while asking Tony Mochama (Smitta Smitten) what the hell vodoski really is. *our cover image was provided by a poorly executed google search that revealed to us what nights at the WLL club might look like