5 Most popular hairstyles


Hair is a thing that cannot be avoided. It stands on our heads and calls attention to itself, it does so even more loudly when it is barely present. Hair cannot be ignored, so we went out and did a survey of the most popular hairdos and compiled a list. Here’s what everyone is rocking;

1. Weaves

There has been constant not so nice opinions on the weave for quite a long time. Talk has it that weaves stink, that weaves are a product of mistreatment of horses or that a peasant Asian woman cut off a her hair in efforts to feed her brood. The poor woman’s hair ended up across the ocean on some Nairobi chic’s head- for something like two whole months.

What is really interesting though is that for every hateful comment about weaves; there is a woman rocking weaves. This popularity, the countless different cuts and colours is what has weaves topping our list.

It should also be noted that weave’s sister; the wig is slowly catching on.

2. Cornrows


Popularly referred to as Ghanaian lines, the cornrow came, saw and conquered the heads of Nairobi women; this hairstyle is here to stay. it comes in different sub-styles as well, there is a particular one that channels the school-kids kind of cornrows and oozes a hip hop kind of vibe; this brand of cornrows is very popular with campus kids and young working women.


The reason cornrows made it to the second position on this list is that women of different ages are rocking it. We have already established that it is really popular with college kids and women in their early twenties.  Ghanian lines have always been more of the middle aged woman’s forte, especially before the cornrows fever swept Nairobi streets.

Affordability and the short amount of time required to have it done have majorly contributed to the cornrows hairstyle’s popularity.

3. Braids


Braids are technically the favourite hairstyle of all times. From women striving to grow their hair, to children on school holidays seeking to take a break from the boring ‘push back’ that is Kenyan school’s tradition: braids are the refuge. The twisted ones are especially catching on with the introduction of  the afro kinky brands.

While braids are affordable, they take hours to get done, are mighty painful first few days after you get them. They are also a bit of a cliche; which explains why their popularity is slowly diminishing.

4. Short hair.


You have to admit that it takes a lot of to cut your hair. There is the belief that hair defines a woman’s beauty and yet now more than ever, Kenyan women are going for the big chop and losing most, sometimes all, if their hair.

The short hair ranges from barely-there to mini afros. It could be dyed, relaxed or just natural.

Short hair is often a phase for women who are transistioning from perms to natural hair, this group eventually grows out their hair. However, there are the amazing ladies that rock/ have been rocking the short hair look for ages.


You cannot talk of the big chop without mentioning the half shaven look. It could be a Mohawk, or just having one side of your head shaved off. This is actually a trend that we thought would go away in time but it looks like it is here to stay. However, it is not raked here because most of the people rocking this look either get their remaining hair dread locked, braided or have a weave done.

5. Natural Hair


On short hair, we mentioned that a remarkable number of women are transitioning from perms. The move here is to natural hair. Now, natural hair is quite diverse.  We have dreadlocks, the Big-hair-don’t-care kind of afro is also catching on. However, there is an interesting concept that needs special mention.

Traditionally, people have considered natural hair to be limited to the  blow-dry crew. However, the new natural enthusiasts are all about minimal use of heat on hair, not towel drying your hair and basically letting it have a mind of its own while plying it with organic hair care products.