UP’s Top 5 Music Schools in Nairobi


Kamata Music School might be the most visible one, they have posters nailed up in every neighbourhood in Nairobi. They have to be a two branches in Nairobi (Moi Avenue And Westlands) and another in Meru. Some of the guys that have graduated from Kamata Music school include Ken Wa Maria, Samawati Band, Parking Lot Grass among others.

In addition to music, Kamata also offers lessons in dance, disc jockeying and music production.

Under their School of Visual and Performing Arts, Kenyatta University has a department of music and dance. The offer the following  Music History, Music Composition, Music Performance, African Music and Ethnomusicology, Music Research. They offer both degrees and diplomas. Most of the guys that graduate from the Music and Dance department an K.U end up as music teachers in various institutions.

The Music programme at Daystar University is perhaps more illustrious than most. Unlike K> whose music courses fall majorly under Education, Daystar offers a Bachelor of arts in Music, with special attention to music worship. performance and composition for; advertising campaigns, film and theater. Some of the guys that have graduated from Daystar’s music programme include Hellen ** who also served as a coach on Tusker Project Fame. Hellen also lectures at Daystar.

The Kenya Conservatoire of Music offers music lessons to an average of 400 students per year. From composition, conducting, performance and even instruments, this non profit organisation is acts as the Kenyan representative for the Practical Examinations of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM). About 1800 students seat for these exams each year.

Perhaps the most recent addition to the list of music schools in Nairobi, Sauti Academy is a project of Penya Africa that accommodate professional vocalists, intermediate singers as well as total beginners. Depending on a singers level of talent development/need, Sauti Academy offers the following three programs:Sauti Academy – Artist Development for the most talented and ambitious vocalists, Raw Talent – an extra preparation term for Sauti Academy and Sauti ya Kwanza. Sauti Academy runs on 3 month terms and host concerts at the end of every term. Some of the Sauti Academy alumni include Sautisol, H_art the band and Phy.