UP Visual Artist of the Week – Photographer Rehema Baya


26 year old Rehema recently took part in a fashion project called the Khaki, which was conceived to revolutionize khaki: from the ordinary suits and pants to a more versatile and lively semblance. Here’s why she is a photographer to look out for!



  1. When did you discover your passion for photography and how long have you been at it?

I developed an interest in photography in mid 2013 at a 3 week workshop by Adam Balcerek, a Polish photographer. Thereafter, I taught myself some techniques with some online help. I can say I have been consistent as a photographer for the past one year.


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  1. As a photographer, how do you ensure your target object comes out just right?

It all depends on how light falls on my subject. I try to manipulate light in the best way possible to bring out special features or characteristics. I also just began introducing different elements, for example paint or glitter on skin to direct my mood.



  1. Which photographer has influenced you and what else motivates you?

My photography teacher, Adam, influences me a lot. I like the vibe his pictures give, the amount of work he puts into it and the absurd creativity. Armstrong Too, a Kenyan based photographer, has taught me several tricks on light setups and the photography business. I am also motivated by the characters of different types of artists and the forms in which they express themselves. I am always perusing through art blogs, reading poetry and scribbling through images on magazines looking for inspiration.




  1. What is it exactly you want to say with your photographs and how do you get your photographs to say that?

It depends on the genre. For fashion I always go for an elegant, powerful, urban kind of feel. For more fine arty kind of shots, I prefer fanciful meanings. For humanitarian photos it is always about provoking a movement of sorts.




  1. Tell me about the Khaki project and how many others you have done.

I worked with the designer Stephan Kenga, and model Wendy Makena (Miss Tourism Kenya – Tharaka Nithi County). It is about revolutionizing khaki from the ordinary suits and pants to a more versatile and fun look. His cuts and dimension were geared towards a more ageless retro feel while the model brought in a playful, fierce and poised personality.

I have also worked with Stephan on his ‘Winter Sun’ collection and have taken part in the ‘Arts to End Slavery’ project by HAART(Awareness Against Human Trafficking) Kenya, which is an NGO working to eradicate modern day slavery.




  1. So do you want to be a full-time photographer?

Yes. That’s the plan. It is always good when you spend most ,if not all, of your time doing something you are passionate about- it is even better when it can sustain you comfortably. That takes work and I am dedicated to it.

  1. What tech/software/camera-gear do you use?

I am currently shooting with a Canon 5D Mark II, 24-70mm. I also have access to a lot of photography gear such as strobes, light modifiers, multi-colored backgrounds etc. That shows I shoot in-studio (Pix Studio) half of the time. As for software I keep it within the Adobe range.




  1. What word of wisdom would you give to any aspiring photographer?

All you need to start shooting is an inspired mind. That is your most precious asset. Learn to manipulate light and start shooting with the little that you have. All photographers I have come across are masters of improvising. Let your mind be a creative hub.

  1. What do you do for fun?

I love doodling in my sketch books, abstract painting, watching the History Channel, exploring different places and chilling with my big energetic family.

Visit her blog: http://www.rehemabaya.com/

Facebook page: Rehema Baya



  • Rehema Baya is doing good job. I appreciate you Rehema!

  • Leo

    Rehema Baya much LOVE. Happy to see you doing something you love and doing it good.