UP Designer Profile – NKWO


UK-based label Nkwo Onwuka says that her passion and obsession about fashion started in her childhood where she played with dolls. Her mother, seeing her keen interest then, taught her how to sew and the rest is history.

Nkwo works with local artisans across the African continent and applies hand crafting techniques such as hand dyeing of garments, weaving, beading, and embroidery. These techniques and appliques give new life to already existing African fabrics and transforms their conventional uses and brings from traditional to modernness.

Nkwo debuted her label at the Kultur2Couture fashion show, and has been making a mark ever since. She describes her label as the renaissance of African fashion with a 21st century slant.

Nkwo is devoted to promoting a positive image of Africa, and her unique interpretations of the rich history, culture and traditions have seen Nkwo Onwuka emerge as one of Africa’s leading fashion designers –


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