Top Ten Natural Hair Channels on YouTube





A veteran in the youtube scene, Gabrielle has been educating the masses about natural hair for a while now. She even goes as far as to explain to her audience the science of her hair. She really is a naturalista guru.


Hair BioChemistry E01: What is Hair?




This channel is about the journey to achieving her hair goals, which is getting waist length hair. In this journey she involves her audience in the entire process:  how she treats her hair, what she puts into it and what her length progress is.


My Big Chop (the beginning of her natural hair journey)





This is a channel that advises you on what to put in your hair to protect and nurture it. It lets you know about which products are good and bad for your natural hair and also where you can possibly purchase these products. They “take the guesswork out of hair care”  so to speak.


How does the Sun, Hot Weather and Chlorine affect your hair?



This is a channel that includes all hair care under one umbrella- the channel caters to women and men. Some of the content includes tips on beard care.


Beard Care And Grooming



This is a channel where ‘Curly Proverbs’ showcases her style as well as hair care. She takes us through her processes of cleaning, maintaining and styling her natural hair, and the products she uses to achieve this.


My Favourite Clay cleanser EVER | Trepadora Review



Sheila Ndinda is a kenyan v-logger who showcases simple natural hair tutorials. She takes her viewers through the do’s and don’ts of natural hair care. She also features skincare and fashion on her channel.  


How to Bantu Knot out on 4c Natural Tapered Hair





This is a group of sisters who share their natural hair experiences. Viewers are treated to a host of amazing tips on how to do your hair, what to use on your hair and how often to do so.

Yes the Natural Sisters are actually sisters.


My Natural Hair Mistakes





This channel focuses a lot on the styling of natural hair. Be it setting your hair, braiding it, twists and updos. It shows you a variation of a multitude of styles for natural hair.


Natural Hairstyles | Cute Curly Faux Bantu Knot Out | Flexi Perm Rod | Roller Set





Naturally Curly is a platform for the textured hair influencer in the world of straight and wavy hair. Their purpose is to help you flaunt your beautiful curls! They are all about big hair don’t care.

Swimming with Natural Hair




Neiicey is all about big hair, that is the main focus of her channel. Whether she is rocking it straight or in it’s natural curly state, her hair is a statement that she makes loudly and proudly. And she takes her audience along as she makes this statement.


My Favourite Curly Hair Products