UP Fashion: Seven Fashion Essentials for Him and Her


Byline: Rose Maureen Shabaya

Fashion Essentials for Her

Little Black Dress

Look for a Little Black Dress (LBD) that’s simply elegant in design and suitable for any occasion. Choose a trendy dress that will allow you to wear a statement necklace without looking like you’ve overdone it.   The dress should be suited for all seasons and easily allows you to make fashion alterations for new look anytime.


A Scarf

Scarves are a great fashion accessory and key essentials in your closet because they create a new look effortlessly when worn with a dress or jacket and it keeps you warm during those chilly days. Purchase a cashmere , silk, cotton scarf that has a soft fabric and loops twice around your neck, go for colours that are neutral such as beige, black, navy blue, brown.


Bold Handbag

Nothing makes a bold statement as a handbag because it portrays your fashion sense and is the most noticed fashion item. Buy a handbag that’s stylishly bold, pairs well with your wardrobe and express your identity. Bold coloured handbags to go are rouge, navy blue, and peach and go for high end fabrics and patterns. In all, your handbag should be durable, iconic, and functional to meet your needs.


Black Blazer

A blazer is essential in a woman’s wardrobe. Invest in a black coloured blazer that’s versatile and can easily be worn with a white shirt, skirt, dress, and trousers and look impeccable.  Choose a blazer that accentuates your body; if you want to highlight your waist select a blazer that’s fitted for your waist. Always select a blazer that you can easily work with and wear numerous times with different styles for dates, at the office and at work.

ladies watch

Elegant Watch

A watch is important for telling time but it also tells people about you and determines how serious they take you. Find a watch that is tasteful, timeless and accommodates your wardrobe choice. You can go for stainless steel, white gold, gold or silver depending on your style and what suits you. The watch should be eye catching.


Black Stilettos

Shoes are a woman’s best friend and a high heeled shoe make a woman look taller and accentuates her figure. Therefore, it’s important to purchase a stunning pair of black stilettoes or pumps in your wardrobe that match your outfits and you can wear comfortably to work, for meetings or a dinner party.


Signature Perfume

Buy a signature perfume that truly expresses who you are as a woman and wear it. Let the perfume you choose be able to represent who you are, what you like. Don’t be afraid to try a new fragrance every once in a while or switch your scent according to your mood. If you’re allergic to perfume, body mists will also do the trick. As simply put by Christian Dior, ‘A woman’s perfume tells you more about her than her handwriting.’


Cute Ballerina Flats

Buy a pair of cute ballerina flats that you can wear for work or leisure and still look chic. It’s a worthy shoe investment because you cannot always wear high heels and this will give your feet rest whilst looking fashionably chic. Buy chic ballet flats that are comfortable, fit well and will pair well with your wardrobe.

Fashion Essentials for Him


A Dashing Suit

There’s nothing quite important as a owning a suit for a man. Invest in one dashing suit that fits you well and is cut to perfection.  Consider a solid navy blue suit because it’s versatile it’ll allow you to add accessories, and will make you look younger.  A navy blue suit can be worn to the office, for formal events and makes a great impression for meetings. Select 100% wool fabric and you can pair it with a lapel for flair.

for him

Signature Cologne

Purchase signature cologne that expresses your personality when you step in a room. A great tip for you is women tend to be attracted to men that smell good, so find that signature cologne. Men colognes range from woody, musky scents to citrus scents, find one that really appeals to you and represents you. Colognes to think of include Polo Red or Paco Rabanne for men



For a semi casual look that can be paired well with cotton shirt and loafers invest in Chinos. They are similar to Khakis but are a tad bit elevated; you can wear Chinos for a casual meeting or event. Make sure to get a perfect fit that’s not too tight for you and look for a colour that blends with your wardrobe.



It’s essential that every man has a good watch and it’s just one of the few accessories men wear. A watch is a great way to make a bold statement and it shows people your lifestyle and persona. Invest in a watch that shows your class and sophistication, go for mechanical watches if they appeal to you..


A Pair of Denim Jeans

Purchase a great pair of  dark denim jeans that can be worn throughout the year, all you need to do is pair it with a crisp buttoned white shirt for a semi-formal look. You can also throw on a leather jacket with your dark denim and look retro. Buy high quality denim jeans and choose the right cut for your body.

black shoes

Pair of  Black Shoes

A man’s shoe can tell you a lot about him and compliments his clothes, therefore invest in a decent pair of black cap toe Oxford. They can be worn any season of the year and are formal for office wear, meetings and formal events. Select black cap toes made from leather or suede that can last long.

white shirt

A Crisp Buttoned White Shirt

A crisp white shirt not only makes a man stand out but it has a gentleman appeal and its one item that can’t be ignored in your wardrobe. Buy a white crisp buttoned shirt and choose a quality fabric that’s woven to perfection, with a widespread collar with short points and a French cuff. Carefully select the design of your buttoned white shirt.