PAWA 254 Brings Art to the Street

BY LINEJermaine Nickson for PAWA 254

This superb Nairobi Street fest will take place on the 18th of  December 2016 from 10.00am to 10.00pm.  PAWA 254 have decided to go against the norm and block off Koinange street at the heart of the CBD, to bring you 12 hours of cultural vibrancy and explosive artistic expression!

PAWA Festival is a grand fusion of Musical and Spoken Performances, DJ Sets, Photo Exhibitions, Art and Crafts, Film Screenings, a Family-Fun corner, a Food Court and so many more surprises all in one day.  

The event aims to create a strong partnership between creative Artists and the public, and use art to portray real daily lives of the people and the artist performing it.  This will be a powerful way to show the public that what they are thinking and feeling is important, beautiful, and valid. It is an entertaining way to get the public’s perspective on a host of issues, and allow everyone to confide in art because it is true, genuine, and has emotion and meaning.  No matter who you are, or what part of the world you are in, PAWA Festival has a way of lifting your spirits and making you feel good. The power and emotion at the PAWA Festival 2016 will be unforgivably remarkable!

PAWA festival has provided a springboard for a wide range of profound and talented musicians who will bring a unique rhythm to this city with it’s vibrant artistic history.  Adding spice to the dish, there is nothing quite like the feeling of when you’re listening to someone who you don’t know and have never met, but manages to describe exactly how you felt at a particular moment in your life.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen the team of Nairobi’s finest spoken word artists will grace the stage with powerful and reflective spoken word pieces.  Please carry a handkerchief in case the emotions of the moment overwhelm you!

Taking it to the next level our amazing team of DJs will be there to offer some of the best mixes and latest jams, but what is a fest without mouth watering food and breezing cold drinks to warm your heart and mind? Exactly! There will be a variety of mouth watering cuisine prepared by Kenya’s most sought out chefs and vendors.  We are talking about chefs who are worth the salt!

Here is the best part for those with kids.  We have something for everyone and plan on leaving no man behind, even the little ones.  There will be a family fun corner filled with nothing but endless fun and joy.  Finally we will have with us the most creative and professional photographers to ever set foot in Kenya, and for this reason it is important to remember to carry a smile.  

18th December 2016, PAWA Festival is the place to be!