Indulgence with a Healthy Twist for 2017

BY LINESapna Chandaria

How many of you have ever noticed what we have in our shopping trolleys at a supermarket? For example, spot a mother (with kids in tow) and she has fizzy drinks, fake flavoured crisps and snacks, processed meat (sausages) and artificially sweetened yoghurt drinks packed to the hilt. Today, the reality is that we find ourselves in a similar situation to the West with regards to health issues such as diabetes, obesity, lactose intolerance and allergies.  We have assumed that these diseases only happen to those who don’t have direct access to fresh fruit, vegetables and meat – meaning that they buy it in a supermarket that has a (interestingly) long farm to plate supply chain.  Unfortunately, not anymore.

There are so few Kenyan companies paying attention to this problem, however, because it “costs too much” to produce healthy snacks and food. Let’s start with kids – any gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free products available today are in specialised health food stores and in fact, approximately 80% are imported.  Do we even know how to respond to children (or adults for that matter) who suffer from stomach upsets because they are lactose intolerant? Or to spot the symptoms of early onset diabetes and obesity?  So what are we doing about it?

Fior di Latte, a home grown Kenyan initiative, is addressing these exact issues with sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free gelato! Yes, gelato. The manufacturing process is totally organic and they have a fantastic vegan friendly range of products:

Sugar-free Products for the low glycemic index which promotes wellness and means anyone with diabetes can still enjoy the joy of gelato.

Gluten-free Products are good for those that are gluten sensitive (GS) and anyone with celiac disease. Kids with Autism often suffer from GS. They also make handcrafted gluten free cones.

Dairy-free Products are a great solution for those that suffer from lactose-intolerance especially children and adults who have developed this intolerance from various lifestyle habits.

You can now buy these amazing, tasty products at Healthy U Sarit Centre and Yaya Centre.

It is best to get an urgent diagnosis for any symptoms that make you feel unwell, especially after meals, as this would indicate an imbalance in one of the above mentioned diseases.  Obesity, however, is something that should be addressed very seriously if your child is 9 or 10 and above as this may lead to severe heart conditions and early onset diabetes.  Parents have a responsibility to prevent disease in our children (and of course, ourselves) and healthy eating and drinking copious amounts of water is the first place to start.

Have a great start to the year and make 2017 your healthiest year yet!

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