An electronic music producer, an 18-piece classical orchestra, a jazz band, Kenya’s top vocalists, LED dancers, acrobats and an old-school hip-hop star will share one stage in a two hour show on Friday the 3rd of March, in a unique event that promises to be unlike any other experienced in East Africa.

Maad Orchestra, as this eclectic collective is referred to, is the brain child of jazz musician Eddie Grey, who over the years has carved his niche as one of Kenya’s most dynamic jazz and fusion musicians.

“After playing with a jazz band for years, and after the release of my last album Stories by The Lake, I felt like taking my music a step further, and exploring different sounds” says Eddie, who started experimenting with electronic and classical music two years ago; “all this has culminated into this fantastic amalgamation of artists that is Maad Orchestra”.

Eddie, who will be performing under the name Maad Jikoni, will be joined by members of his jazz ensemble and by an 18-piece classical orchestra, led by conductor Levi Wataka, as well as Kenya’s best vocalists. The show will be a musical journey, from vintage 70s Kenyan hits to its 90s hip hop and today’s pop and underground anthems mashed up with the genius of Mozart’s orchestra symphonies.

But Maad Orchestra is not only about the music. A central and exciting element of the show will be the visual one, with a light show and visuals led by Live Gigs and Basil Ngode. Basil has time and again wowed people around the world with his work, using video mapping on buildings and digital art that breaks the boundaries of conventional techniques.

Bringing some fire to the event will be LED and fire dancer Mwanase, who has hula-hooped her way through some of East Africa’s most exciting events.

But we don’t want to give too much away, so we will leave a few surprises for the night!

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