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Santuri started Femme Electronic in Uganda to support women interested in learning to DJ and make electronic music. Led by Kampala-based trailblazer DJ Rachael, the project tapped into a new interest in electronic music culture in the East African region. The project was so successful, Rachael became the first artist to represent Uganda at the 2016 World Music Expo (WOMEX). In her own words: “electronic music is really exploding here right now, and it’s important that women who are interested in the culture aren’t left behind due to a lack of opportunities – we’re making sure everyone gets to participate!”

Femme Electronic  is a project that aims to provide support and assistance in establishing a Femme-friendly community of music industry professionals. We partner with women who are leaders in their field and leaders from other marginalized groups to host workshops, film screenings, production classes, open decks/mic, events and seminars.

Why organise a Forum on the Inclusion of Marginalized Groups?

Santuri is committed to bridging the gender gap, but the two co-founders this small non-profit are both men. For that reason, the Santuri Forum is meant to ensure that FEKE is well aligned with the needs and vision of the Femme artists and music professionals who will shape Kenya’s emerging music scene. In this participatory series of topical discussions, we invite Femmes to take the lead by contributing to and critiquing the project. Their ideas & critical thinking will make Santuri’s project their own, and improve our approach to overcoming discrimination and exclusion in the industry.

Santuri Forum is in it’s early stages, and it will evolve simultaneously with the FEKE project. This idea came about when an intern suggested  hosting a discussion group for the FEKE participants – to go further in applying the values of empowerment and representation that are central to Femme Electronic.

The theme for this first edition of Santuri Forum is “Music, Women & Marginalized Groups”.  It’s first objective is to connect music professionals of different backgrounds and experience levels. Secondly, it will seek to create a space where Kenyan music industry professionals can discuss the challenges concerning women’s participation and visibility in the scene.  Concretely, the Forum’s talks & activities aim to foster a dynamic Kenyan network of Femmes through which participants can envision innovative solutions and productive collaborations.

Throughout the day, you can expect:

Now it’s Kenya’s turn to join the party. We are looking for producers, DJs, sound engineers, musicians, event coordinators & venue owners! It’s with great excitement that we invite you to participate in shaping this project with us at our Pre-Launch event, Sunday March 5th at Dream Club: Santuri Forum KE!

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