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The Go Get It Economy

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Grace Barbé Trio – Live in Nairobi, February 11

UP Nairobi partners with Roots International for a live concert with a Seychelloise songstress at Treehouse Nairobi on February 11 2017.

If the World’s Longest River Could Sing

Jinja captures cross-cultural musical collaborations among artists sharing diverse relationships to world’s longest river.

Indulgence with a Healthy Twist for 2017

How many of you have ever noticed what we have in our shopping trolleys at a supermarket? For example, spot a mother (with kids in tow) and she has fizzy drinks, fake flavoured crisps and snacks, processed meat (sausages) and artificially sweetened yoghurt drinks packed to the hilt. Today, the reality is that we find

PAWA 254 Brings Art to the Street

PAWA 254 brings art to the street for the second year. This weekend get down there and enjoy the day out!

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