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Designer profile: Genteel

Dressed in a mustard knit tie with a lapel pin and navy blue glen plaid pants for this exclusive interview, Sam Omindo exudes the kind of confidence that only a fashion icon could. A Business in IT student at Strathmore University, his passion for fashion design is one that runs parallel to his program in

Up Designer Profile- Tee Njoroge

In three words, her designs are playful, intricate, silhouettes. At 23, Tee Njoroge is potential- a burgeoning fashion icon making great strides in her fashion journey. Her fashion house, NCIIRA is still in its beginning stages, but has so far created well thought out designs targeted for the expressive woman, inspired by construction and modern

Designer profile : Faith Avia – Creating Affordable Art

Creativity is all about finding inspiration from the simple things in life. This is the mantra that Faith Avia Kioko is going by, as she creates beautiful interiors and wedding decor in Nairobi. In a world where lots of ideas are being drawn from social media and other internet platforms, people are sharpening their skills

OP/ED Discussion: What Are You Wearing? Mitumba vs The Local Textile Industry

The discussion about the more affordable ‘mitumba’ clothing versus locally designed clothes is had quite frequently. Sam Ominde tells us why we need to give ‘Made in Kenya’ a chance to thrive.

Here’s Another Way to be Black: Blackout Tattoos

Blackout tattooing may just be the next big thing when it comes to body art. You might be shocked that there are people already taking this idea quite seriously.

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