PAWA 254 Brings Art to the Street

PAWA 254 brings art to the street for the second year. This weekend get down there and enjoy the day out!

Space: A Digital Art Festival

The Digital Art Festival titled “Space” took place on October 4th- 7th in several locations around Nairobi. The festival was organized by film maker Mbithi Masya and his co-curator Sandra Chege of Youth Knows No Limits (YKNL) in partnership with the Goethe Institut.

High Road to the Creative Economy

Many economists in the rest of the world believe creativity is THE defining characteristic of developed economies in the 21st century, just as manufacturing framed the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Weekend Wishlist: First Weekend of October

A new month is upon us and Nairobi stays busy. She hates sleep, thrives on hustling, keep on going is what she does best. And that’s why we love her. A new month is upon us and Nairobi is the busiest of bees. Bubbles at the Vineyard, October 7th @ Vineyard Rhapta Road, Westlands Vineyard

Umojah Drops the Bass on Nairobi

Many people probably don’t know that one of Nairobi’s most popular DJs and spiritual guides to the local Reggae/Dub movement, Dread Steppa, was once a punk rocker with long stringy hair and black painted nails. But as legend has it, one night at a pub in London while attending university, he caught a dub act that changed his life’s trajectory forever.

A Street Car Named Desire

It is getting dark on a cold Nairobi Friday evening and the curve at the end of Fire Station Lane is choking in traffic; four lanes have formed on a street two vehicles can barely squeeze through. A sharp, snapping sound draws passengers’ heads left.

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