Nyege Nyege
noun: nyege nyege
1. The feeling of a sudden uncontrollable urge to move, shake or dance.

PAWA 254 Brings Art to the Street

PAWA 254 brings art to the street for the second year. This weekend get down there and enjoy the day out!


And just when you thought the weekend was over …. the hang continues! Always pushing our boundaries, Eddie Grey and his ensemble bring you this.
Buy your tickets on http://events.upnairobi.com

UP & About: Brad’s Fashion Show

A total of fifteen talented designers showcased their works at Brads Fashion Show at the Michael Joseph Centre. These included Afro Bertine, Rikittah Collection, Seki Classy Designs, Syandi Designs, Shenu Hooda, Chantale RizikI, Bana the Brand, Glamourville, Stella Collection, Briy Designs, Djodey, Malishaj,  Contemporary Nomads,  Vaishali Morjaria and Phyllgood by Shiro. Special guests included Ian

UP!Coming Event: The Arbor Boozy Brunch Pop-Up

Looking for the best way to spend your Sunday afternoon? Kipato Unbranded will be co-hosting another Boozy Brunch Pop-Up at the Arbor,

Who Is …… Keziah Jones?

He burst onto the international music scene in 1993 with the classic album Blufunk, the Nigerian-born innovator cites Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane and Fela Kuti as his main influences.

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