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Tech in Kenya’s Education System

By: Nivi Sharma, President of BRCK Education, co-founder of e-Limu As the tiny bubble on Ngong Road we call “Silicon Savannah” basks in the warm afterglow of  Mark Zuckerberg’s visit, an important question is being echoed: is technology truly making a difference in Kenya? In my even smaller “EdTech” bubble, we are constantly being asked

Looking Back on Benga

By Andreas Hansen (First published for Addis Rumble, September 2013) Driving north from Nairobi on the new ‘super highway’ the Kilimambogo hills rise slowly ahead of us. My co-driver is Emmanuel Mwendwa who has spent the past two years researching, licensing, collecting old photos and doing liner notes for the Kenya Special compilation recently released

Inside the Open Data Movement with Catherine Gicheru

By Rand Pearson Imagine sitting on your phone during the up-coming Kenya elections and looking at an application mapping voting wards and districts; within each district map are the candidates running for office; click on the candidate and a profile pops up with every detail imaginable on that person, including financial records, wealth declaration forms,

The Age of Self Love

My daughter was just over a year when she took her first selfie. It was an accident. She was playing with the camera when it ‘clicked’ and out came a photo. When she saw the image, she was thrilled! It was as if she was looking at herself for the first time. She stared at

Civilising Culture

This is my second stint as a Kenyan immigrant, and Nairobi resident.The first was at the turn of the millennium, when the government and businesses were concentrated in the central business district, the Florida nightclub occupied a spaceship-like structure above a petrol station and most foreign news agencies were based in the Press Centre, a

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