UP Fashion: Seven Fashion Essentials for Him and Her

Ever scrambled tirelessly through your wardrobe or spent countless hours looking for the right outfit for an occasion? We let you in on key fashion essentials to invest for him and her that are chic for any occasion.

Top Ten Natural Hair Channels on YouTube

In this age of embracing one’s curls, natural hair know-how is in demand. Here are a few YouTubers showing us how it’s done.

UP Designer Profile – NKWO

Nkwo Onwuka’s is the creator and the designer behind “Nkwo”, a label focused on incorporating traditional techniques, patterns and styles for the modern fashionable individual.

UP Blogger Share: 9 Steps You Can Take To Become A Chic Afropolitan In 2016

Afropik.net is a blog dedicated to creating as much content as we can about hair care and black culture that is relevant to the African experience. In this post they give us 9 tips on how to afropolitize our 2016!

Top 10 Ways to Create Space for your Small Apartment

Home is where the heart is, no matter how tiny it may appear. Learn how to create an illusion of space with these creative tips.

Closet Exchange Kenya: The New Fashion Project in Nairobi

Have you ever considered getting rid of all the clothes that you just don’t want to wear anymore? Closet Exchange, a new fashion project shows you how.

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