About AFRIDUKAS/At the heart of Afridukas is a ‘conscious trade platform’ that is designed as a fair and sustainable business ecosystem where everyone in its value chain prospers: designers, makers, growers, producers, sellers, buyers. By instilling the values of spiritual and financial freedom in its community and building economic growth based on harmony between people and the planet, we can build true prosperity for everyone. 

Afridukas LIFE BOXES/ For our customers, we offer a way to benefit from high-quality handmade, homemade products at affordable prices. We offer this with a guarantee that their money is going directly to the makers, growers and designers, without unnecessary middleman and mark-ups. We also give our customers the power to make locally impactful and sustainable consumer decisions. By connecting local growers, makers and designers to consumers, we instigate direct, economic and environmental impact and growth within our shared community—buy local, live local, eat local. Be Local!

About the Products

The Essential Life Box


The Essential Life Box carries everyday commodities such as Unga, Tea, Wimbi and Rice, produced organically without chemicals, preservatives or other additives.  

The Organic Life Box (Coming Soon)


The Organic Life boxes features a collection of locally sourced and handmade organic products from independent producers in Kenya, that will positively transform your cooking experience.

How it Works


1.  Customers identify which community and hood rep is closest to them, by calling our customer service number: 0708 848 088

2. Customers are encouraged to contact their hood reps to learn the latest Afriduka products on offer and to place their orders directly with their community rep. The order arrives at their neighborhood kiosk in two weeks and the customer is notified to collect their order or request a delivery from their neighbourhood Duka.

3. The Hood Rep  manages the customer journey ( through the physical or mobile purchase and manages the relationship between the kiosks and our supply chain.


Participating local Kiosks are branded as “Afridukas”, and they are vetted, registered and trained by the local Hood Reps. 


When you click the buy button you support an ecosystem of trade built on principles that benefit everyone involved, including mother earth.



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