Newton's Organic Farming Dream

"We are doing divine work, God's work—I believe we should all embrace organic farming as Kenyans"

by Rand Pearson and Edgar Yabunga

As the 'conscious content' partners for the new organic food platform, Afridukas, we are featuring stories from small-scale farmers, the Kenya maker-space and independent traders as part of an ongoing #BeLocal Campaign focused on building a local economy where everyone in the value chain thrives. Join Our Movement.

Tell us about yourself.

Hi my name is Newton. I am an Agriprenuer, a fashion designer and a vegan.

How did you finance your own Shamba?

I self financed this farm around two years ago through some side hustles that I did at that time. Because I had decided I wanted to follow my passion for farming and that’s what started the whole idea.

Tell us what you would most want to see in Kenya’s agri-business sector as a small farmer:

Personally I would love for the youth to embrace farming. I consider farming divine work; it’s God’s work. So, here, we are continuing with God’s work….in terms of farming. And I would also like to see all Kenyans embrace organic farming away from the usual pesticides and fertilizers and GMOs and growth hormones.

I believe we (as a Nation) need to eat healthier to prevent the kind of scenarios whereby we are encountering the diseases, the cancers…an I believe, as a vegan, organic farming is the way to go because it promotes good health. You feel fitter if you are healthier; you can live longer. I believe (for these reason) we should embrace organic farming as Kenyans…as the whole world, really.

Tell us about your dreams:

My organic dream is to have all varieties of vegetables packaged in one box, delivered to all Kenyans for healthier living.

As a an independent, small-scale farmer, what is the greatest challenge you face:

My biggest challenge has to be the prices. As a nation we need to embrace organic farming, so that young farmers like me can high returns for our products….for what we do here. The other challenge is the packaging, and I am hoping that Afridukas can provide that platform and help us solve the packaging and distribution challenge; that will go a long way in helping us young farmer improve our product.

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